Experience Areté

Excellence. Valor. Virtue.

Experience Areté

The Areté Experience is really about being around a peer group that explores their sense of self and develops an ability to be open to possibilities and creativity and by doing so they foster a solution focused approach to living their life. The learning process at Areté is primarily experiential in nature and involves low and high challenge courses, though the curriculum is designed to be challenge by choice. Returning participants are eligible to experience mentorship roles.

Being self-motivated, self-assured, confident and happy are descriptions of a product that can't be purchased instead they are a result of process that we call Areté. So come and experience Areté!


We received notebooks at the end of the program and were asked to write in each others' books something positive about the book's owner - something we appreciated or liked about them, or learned from them. This exercise encouraged me to take time to see the good in people and look for positive in everything. When life gets tough, which of course it always does, it's such a valuable skill to be able to be optimistic and see the value in even negative experiences. These are often the ones we learn the most from anyways!.